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Membership Categories

a) Active Members (AM) Medical doctors of good ethical character who have distinguished themselves by well-recognized professional and/or scientific achievements in surgery. Candidates for Active Membership should be members of one of the recognized national societies. Upon recommendation of a National Chapter (or of two Active Members for countries where there is no National Chapter), the Executive Committee can accept nominations for membership of individuals in fields of endeavor related to surgery.

b) Associate Members (XM) Applicants who may not present the complete requested credentials (CV, list of publications, 2 regular members acting as sponsors, approval by the National Delegate), doctors who are not involved in a field of surgery or non-medical scientists. Associate Members have full privileges as Active Member but no voting right.

c) Junior Members (JM) Individual Members up to the age of forty may choose to pay only half the ordinary ISS/SIC annual dues. They enjoy the benefits of membership but are not eligible as officers unless they pay the full annual dues.

d) Senior Members (SM) Members who have retired from active practice and who have been Active or Associate Members for at least 15 years. They must submit a request for Senior Membership status in writing to the Secretary General directly or through the National Delegate (or Chapter Secretary). For special reasons, the Executive Committee may confer Senior Membership to members having rendered special services to the SOCIETY and who terminate their professional activity after less than 15 years of Active or Associate Membership.

e) Honorary Membership (HM) Awarded by the Executive Committee. Recipients shall be preeminent surgeons or individuals of undoubted international reputation who have rendered distinguished services to the SOCIETY or international surgery. Future Honorary Members do not need to be member of the SOCIETY.


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