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Grey Turner Lectures

Year Place Lecturer / Topic / Introduction
2015 Bangkok J. Belghiti, France / The risk of liver surgery / Introduction: J.G. Hunter, USA
2013 Helsinki L. Pahlman, Sweden / Radiotherapy for rectal cancer in 2013 / Introduction: J.-C. Givel, Switzerland
2011 Yokohama R.J. Nicholls, UK / The evolution of restorative proctocolectomy from the late 1970s to the present / Introduction: J.-C. Givel, Switzerland
2009 Adelaide G.G. Jamieson, Australia / Why aren't surgeons scientific or why surgeons aren't scientific? / Introduction: J.G. Hunter, USA
2007 Montréal J.R. Siewert, Germany / 100 years esophagectomies: from Grey Turner until today / Introduction: J. Wong, Hong Kong SAR
2005 Durban S.A. Wells Jr., USA / Genetic screening and prophylactis surgery in cancer / Introduction: A. R. Brown, Australia
2003 Bangkok Congress cancelled
2001 Brussels M. Kitajima, Japan / Progress in GI cancer management: challenges in the 21st Century / Introduction: S.A. Wells Jr., USA
1999 Vienna U. Veronesi, Italy / The surgical management of breast cancer / Introduction: A.R. Brown, Australia
1997 Acapulco A.K.C. Li, Hong Kong / The changing role of the liver surgeon / Introduction: Y. Idezuki, Japan
1995 Lisbon Ch. Herfarth, Germany / Science - the driving force for the continuous advancement of surgery / Introduction: M. Trede, Germany
1993 Hong Kong P.J. Morris, United Kingdom / Organ transplantation: the present and the future / Introduction: L.M. Nyhus, USA
1991 Stockholm B. Samuelsson, Sweden / Prostaglandins and leucotriens: role in health and disease / Introduction: J.F. Patiño, Colombia
1989 Toronto W.J. Rudowski, Poland / Haemostasis and blood replacement: state of the art 1990 / Introduction: S.-E. Bergentz, Sweden
1987 Sydney T.E. Starzl, USA / Organ transplantation / Introduction: A.G.R. Sheil, Australia
1985 Paris Ch. du Bost, France / Cardiomyopathy / Introduction: P.A. Ebert, USA
1983 Hamburg G.B. Ong, Hong Kong / Carcinoma of the esophagus / Introduction: D. Skinner, USA
1981 Montreux Mrs. L. Rees, United Kingdom / Control of pain / Introduction: Sir Edward Dunlop, Australia
1979 San Francisco E. Grey Turner, United Kingdom (Son of George Grey Turner) / This material age is beginning to realise that there was some good in the past (G. Grey Turner, Boston, 10 June 1931)
1977 Kyoto R. Doll, United Kingdom / Geographical variations in cancer incidence as a clue to aetiology
1975 Edinburgh Sir Donald Douglas, United Kingdom / Hospital design - the ideal and reality
1973 Barcelona R.H. Franklin, United Kingdom / Grey Turner and the surgery of the esophagus
1971 Moscow F. Linder, F.R.Germany / Surgical treatment of arterial hypertension
1969 Buenos Aires A. Ochsner, USA / Surgical treatment of peptic ulcer
1967 Vienna T. Holmes Sellors, United Kingdom / Surgery of the esophagus
1965 Philadelphia J.F. Dunphy, USA / Cancer of the colon and rectum. A thirty-years perspective
1963 Rome Ph. Sandblom, Sweden / Biliary tract hemorrhage hemobilia
1961 Dublin L.C. Rogers, United Kingdom / The life and work of George Grey Turner

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