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Awards of ISS/SIC

According to the General Assembly held on September 30, 1989, at Toronto, the "Scientific Council" shall be considered synonymous with the "Members of the Council." Therefore, the Council shall select recipients of Awards and Prizes of the ISS/SIC at the National Chapters' proposal and their National Delegates.

Application Form

Application form for:

Prize of the ISS/SIC "Société Internationale de Chirurgie"
Robert Danis Prize
Honorary Fellowship

Application Form Awards

Nomination Process

Nominations for prizes and Honorary Fellowship are by invitation. Personal applications for an award are not considered. Each prize is awarded to an individual and not to an institution or an association. Candidates will not be considered for a prize unless nominated on an official form by three members of the ISS/SIC who are familiar with the candidate’s contribution. The completed form must be in the English language, typewritten, and accompanied by the candidate’s curriculum vitae and bibliography. The completed nomination forms must be received by the Secretary-General of the ISS/SIC no later than December 31st, the year before the incoming Congress, to assure processing by the Council and Nominating Committee at their regular meetings.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Council of the ISS/SIC, who will make the final decisions. The decisions by the Council will not be applicable.

Completed Nomination Forms and Description of the Candidate’s Contribution shall be sent to:

ISS/SIC Secretary-General
Seefeldstrasse 104
CH - 8008 Zürich


Honorary Fellowship

The Council shall award an Honorary Fellowship. Recipients of Honorary Fellowship shall be members of undoubted international reputation who have rendered distinguished services to the ISS/SIC.

Prize of the ISS/SIC "Société Internationale de Chirurgie"

At the General Assembly of the ISS/SIC held on September 17th, 1953, it was decided on the Scientific Council's recommendation to award at each future meeting a prize to be called: Prize of the "Société Internationale de Chirurgie."

The prize is to consist of a medal that shall be awarded to the surgeon who has published work, making the most notable and useful contribution to Surgical Science. The prize winner need not necessarily to be a member of the Society.

Candidates for the prize must be recommended by their National Delegate to the Secretary-General of the Society, together with the reasons for their choice. These recommendations will be circulated to the members of the Council. They will be considered and voted upon at the meeting of the Council, which is always held before the Inaugural Meeting of the Congress.

An absolute majority of votes shall decide the prize winner. If an absolute majority is not obtained at the first count, a relative majority's decision shall be made at the second count. If two candidates obtain the same number of votes, the Chairman shall have a casting vote. The Secretary-General shall announce the name of the prize winner at the formal Inaugural Session.



Robert Danis Prize

The Robert Danis Prize will be given to the surgeon, author of the most important and personal work in connection with surgical treatment of fractures (orthopaedic treatment excluded) and in connection with techniques, clinics, or experimentation of fracture treatment the pathophysiology of trauma in general.

The awardee must be a national of one of the countries represented at the ISS/SIC. It is not necessary for the candidate to be a member of the ISS/SIC.




René Leriche Prize

A prize for vascular surgery is at the International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC) disposal, and the Scientific Council will choose the winner. A medal will be given for the most valuable work on the surgery of arteries, veins, or the heart, which has appeared in the previous few years. As per Council decision in 2019, the René Leriche Prize will not be awarded any further.



HF Prize

Lectures at the International Surgical Week (ISW)

Martin Allgöwer Lecture

The Martin Allgöwer Lecture has been introduced in 2001 at the Centennial Congress of the ISS/SIC in Brussels, Belgium in recognition of Professor Martin Allgöwer from Basel, Switzerland. These lectures are held within the framework of the biennial congress.

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Grey Turner Memorial Lecture

The Grey Turner Memorial Lecture was introduced in 1961 in recognition of Professor George Grey Turner from London, UK. Since then these lectures are held within the framework of the biennial congress. Starting 2022 the Grey Turner Lecture is run under the flag of the International Society for Digestive Surgery (ISDS)

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