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Fellowship of the International Society of Surgery




Fellowship (FISS)

The International Society of Surgery has created the Fellowship of the International Society of Surgery (FISS) to provide recognition for those providing the highest standards to which we aspire.

The International Society of Surgery admits to its Fellowship only those surgeons and anesthetists whose professional activity is devoted to practice excellence, and who agree, without compromise, to practice by the professional and ethical standards of the Society. Surgeons and Anesthetists voluntarily submit applications for Fellowship. In so doing, they are inviting an evaluation of their practice by their peers.

In evaluating applicants' eligibility for Fellowship, the International Society of Surgery investigates each applicant's clinical practice. Applicants for Fellowship are required to provide all information deemed necessary for the review and evaluation of their practice.





Only completed applications from surgeons and anesthetists who fulfill the following requirements will be considered for the award of Fellowship:


  1. Graduation from a medical school acceptable to the International Society of Surgery.

  2. Full membership of the ISS/SIC for at least five (5) years.

  3. Clinical practice of five (5) years after the completion of all surgical/anesthetic training. (training appointments such as resident, registrar, fellow, etc., do not count as practice).

  4. A current appointment as a specialist on the surgical/anesthetic staff of your primary hospital and a current clinical practice establishes the applicant as a specialist in that discipline, with no reportable actions pending that could adversely affect staff privileges.

  5. All applicants are expected to be clinicians who have primary independent responsibility for treating patients in these disciplines.

  6. Certification by an appropriate national surgical/anesthetic board from the country you are currently practicing confirms your completion of specialist training.

  7. A full and unrestricted license to practice in your country.

  8. A Certificate of Standing from the Medical Board, which registers you in your country (issued within three months of the date of receipt of the application).

Applicants are expected to have ethical fitness to practice, as well as professional proficiency. This determination is based upon information obtained from peers consulted as referees and from other sources.

Applicants are also expected to have an interest in pursuing professional excellence both as an individual surgeon/anesthetist and a member of the surgical/anesthetic community. Such interest may be evidenced by membership in local, regional, and national societies, participation in teaching or mentoring programs, serving on hospital committees, continuing medical education through attendance at professional meetings, courses, and seminars.

Surgeons/Anesthetists who fulfill all the requirements may apply for Fellowship.



Completing the application


The application will ask you to select the names of two established members (at least 10 years as a member) of the ISS/SIC to serve as referees who know you and who can provide an evaluation based on their knowledge of your clinical practice and who can address the quality of your practice. Ideally, these referees will practice surgery/anesthesia in your country or specialty. To find referees, go to the online Membership Directory.

To apply, send the following documents to, including the Application Form:

  1. Download and completed the Application Form.

  2. Current Curriculum Vitae (CV).

  3. Certificate of completion of surgical training.

  4. Letter from your primary Institution confirming the nature and duration of your appointment.

  5. Letter from the appropriate examination/registration authority, confirming your specialist status.

  6. Certificate of Standing (CoS) from your Registering Authority confirming current Medical Registration, Surgical/Anesthetic Board Certification in your country, and that no reportable actions are pending, dated no older than 3 months at the time of submission.

  7. Copy of full and unrestricted license to practice in your country

  8. Letter of support from your ISS/SIC National Delegate/Representative. If there is no National Delegate for your country, then a letter of support of the Head of Department or Dean can be included. (List)

  9. Two members (at least 10 years as a member of the ISS/SIC) serve as referees. (List)

  10. Proof of payment of CHF 150.00 application fee. ( / select FELLOWSHIP at membership plans)

These documents must either be submitted in English or a certified translation must accompany each document. Applications must be received by the closing date to be considered at the next Executive Committee. See the closing dates below.

By submitting your application, you have agreed to abide by the terms outlined in the Authorization to Release Information.



Application Closing Dates


The International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC) has designated January 31st and June 30th of each year as the final date for accepting applications. The Administrative Office in Zurich must receive the completed application with all accompanying documentation by this date. The application will be considered by the Council of the ISS/SIC at its next meeting following the receipt of the complete application. Applicants will be notified of the outcome no later than 6 months after the closing date.



Application Fee

A CHF (Swiss Francs) 150.00 fee is required. The fee must accompany every application for Fellowship and is paid at the time the application is submitted. The fee covers a portion of the cost of reviewing and processing the application and is not refundable. No application will be processed without payment of the fee. The fee needs to be paid via MyUserArea (Login and go to "MyMembership" – choose "Fellowship" and complete payment).
No user and password yet? Use this link: Don't know my password.



Membership Dues


Membership dues remain the same according to the fee structure of the ISS/SIC.



Evaluation of Applicants for Fellowship

The evaluation of an applicant for Fellowship is based on information relating to the applicant's clinical judgment and experience, professional competence, ethical conduct, and professional standing in the local community. This information is obtained from referees named by the applicant, the National Delegate of the country concerned, and others if required.

The International Society of Surgery appraises information and recommendations from all sources relating to Fellowship applications. Upon reviewing all information received, the Executive Committee of the ISS/SIC will make the final decision regarding application approval. Successful applicants will be admitted into Fellowship during the Convocation at the World Congress of Surgery, held in August / September of each alternate year.


No action is taken when an application is determined by the International Society of Surgery to be incomplete.



FISS - Fellows of the International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC)






Hisham Abdullah, Malaysia






Gaurav Agarwal, India






Yousef Saleh Al-Alawi, Tabouk, Saudi Arabia






Amal Alhefdhi, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia






Mutaz Al-Khateeb, Swaifia, Jordan






Fernando Arias, Bogota, Colombia






Juan A. Asensio, Omaha, NE, USA






Cristhian G. Aspiazu, Guayaquil, Ecuador






Zsolt Janos Balogh, Newcastle, Australia






Mukta Baxi, Noida, India






Kenneth D. Boffard, South Africa






Italo Braghetto, Chile





Frank James Branicki, Al-Ain, UAE






Christopher M. Dodgion, Milwaukee, WI, USA






Agron S. Dogjani, Tirana, Albania






Gerard Doherty, USA






Alessandro Fichera, USA






Shamil I. Galeev, St. Petersburg, Russia






Russell L. Gruen, Canberra, ACT, AU






Andrew G. Hill, Auckland, New Zealand






John G. Hunter, USA






Chung-Ping Hsu, Taichung, Taiwan






Vinod Jain, Lucknow, India






Kamal Jayasuriya, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka






Heewa Mohammed Kareem, Karlstad, Sweden






Hiroyuki Konno, Japan






Ari K. Leppäniemi, Hus, Finland






Michael L. Lorentziadis, Athens, Greece






Vishal Mago, Sonipat / Haryana, India






Sabaretnam Mayilvaganan, Madurai / Tamil Nadu, India






Carlos Mesquita, Portugal






Akira Miyauchi, Japan






Ernest E. Moore, Denver, USA






Giuseppe R. Nigri, Rome, Italy






Matthias Paireder, Austria






Pooja Ramakant, India







Marcelo Ribeiro, Brazil






Wayne Sapsford, Great Britain






Michael G. Sarr, USA






Alexander Shifrin, Neptune, NJ, USA






Jon Arne Söreide, Stavanger, Norway






Elmin Steyn, South Africa






Boon-Lee Tan, Alor-Satar, Malaysia






Anders Thorell, Sweden






Albert Tuchmann, Austria






Sherry Wren, Palo Alto, USA






Cheng-Har Yip, Malaysia

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