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Welcome to the International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC). By representing 6 Integrated Societies and surgeons from more than 100 countries, the ISS/SIC aims to work for teaching surgery, both specialized and general surgery, in developed and developing countries as a worldwide society.

Our President:

Cheng Har Yip, Malaysia

Dr. Yip is currently a consultant breast surgeon at Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care in Malaysia and is the lead clinician for the breast cancer research program in Cancer Research Malaysia. Dr. Yip retired from the University of Malaya in Sep 2012 after 26 years of service as an academic surgeon. She was conferred Professor Emeritus by the University of Malaya in Oct 2016. She was the first woman President of the College of Surgeons of Malaysia.

Our Journal:

The World Journal of Surgery

Call for application for the position of the EiC for the WJS

The World Journal of Surgery (WJS) is seeking applications for a new EiC for 2024-2028. 

Please read the application document and job description accessible below. We look forward to your commitment to this extraordinary position within the surgical community. 

WJS EiC Job description

Application for WJS EiC

The World Journal of Surgery (WJS) is the official journal of the ISS/SIC and its six Integrated Societies. The World Journal of Surgery keeps you informed on the newest developments and outcomes in Surgery. Every month recent featured articles are published on this website.

Our Congress:

The International Surgical Week (ISW)

The World's Congress of Surgery

Engaging and insightful, the International Surgical Week (ISW) 2024 provides a platform for scientific and clinical working groups to collaborate to establish the foundations for future diagnostic and surgical challenges and discuss novel approaches and standards, facilitating progress toward real-time, patient-oriented solutions.

Our history

The history of the International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC) began in 1902 on the initiative of Belgian surgeons Antoine Depage and his colleagues. Today ISS/SIC is representing surgeons and anesthetists from across the globe. The society aims to work for international teaching in specialized and general surgery in developed and developing countries.

Our Council

The Council of the Society consists of the President, the President-Elect, the Immediate Past-President, the Secretary-General, the Treasurer, four Councillors-at-large, and one representative of each Integrated Society. The preceding members of the Council have full voting rights. The Administrative Director is a permanent guest of the Executive Committee meetings without voting right.

Our members

More than 3,000 medical professionals from across the globe have discovered the value of ISS/SIC membership as an essential investment in their future. With ISS/SIC membership comes a subscription to the World Journal of Surgery (WJS) – the official ISS/SIC journal - meeting discounts, targeted educational programs, networking opportunities, and more! 

Travel Scholars

The Foundations of the ISS/SIC invite surgeons worldwide to apply for Travel Awards to attend the International Surgical Week. (ISW)


Twice a year, the newsletter publishes information about the ISS/SIC and its Integrated Societies IAES, IATSIC, IASMEN, BSI, ISDS, and ASAP activities.

Fellow of the ISS/SIC

The International Society of Surgery has created the Fellowship of the International Society of Surgery (FISS) to recognize those providing the highest standards to which we aspire.

Integrated Societies

Our Integrated Societies

Endocrine Surgery
Trauma Surgery
Surgical Metabolism
Breast Surgery
Digestive Surgery
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