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Why to join
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Why a surgeon or medical professional might want to consider joining ISS/SIC.

  1. Professional development: The ISS/SIC provide opportunities for members to attend conferences, workshops, and seminars, which can be a great way to learn about new developments in the field and gain new skills and knowledge

  2. Networking opportunities: Joining the ISS/SIC can provide members with the opportunity to network with other surgeons and medical professionals from around the world. This can be valuable for building professional connections, gaining new perspectives, and learning about career opportunities.

  3. Access to resources and publications: Membership in the ISS/SIC can provide members with access to a wide range of resources and publications, including journals, guidelines, and other materials that can help them stay up-to-date on the latest developments in their field.

  4. Support for research and education: The ISS/SIC can provide support for research and education by providing funding, resources, and other forms of support to members who are conducting research or working to improve education in the field of surgery and cardiology.

  5. Advocacy for the profession: The ISS/SIC can provide members with opportunities to advocate for the profession, by representing the interests of surgeons at the national and international level, and promoting the importance of these fields to the public and policymakers.


There are a few potential obstacles that a person may face when trying to join the International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC). These may include:

  1. Educational requirements: In order to be eligible for membership in the ISS/SIC, an individual must be a qualified surgeon scientist. This typically means that they must have completed a recognized surgical training program and be licensed to practice surgery in their country.

  2. Professional experience: The ISS/SIC typically requires that candidates have a certain amount of professional experience as a surgeon. The exact requirements may vary, but candidates typically need to have a number of years of experience in their field.

  3. Language skills: The ISS is an international organization, and many of its members come from countries where English is not the primary language. As a result, good English language skills are typically required for membership.

  4. Competition: Membership in the ISS is selective and competitive, and not all candidates who apply will be accepted. This may be due to a variety of factors, including the quality of the candidate's work and the number of available spots in the organization.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the ISS, it is important to research the current requirements and ensure that you meet them before applying.

Benefits - what's in it for you?


More than 3,000 medical professionals from across the globe have discovered the value of ISS/SIC membership as an essential investment in their future.
ISS/SIC offers benefits that inspire, drive and connect us in the translation of science to advance clinical practice and improve the lives of millions of people worldwide.

As a member of the ISS/SIC, you will receive:

Subscription and exclusive benefits to the following publications:

Exclusive meeting benefits, including:

Exclusive membership of Integrated Societies (USD 25 per society):


Enhanced access and benefits from our Associated Societies:


Enhanced access and benefits from our Participating Societies:

Enhanced access and benefits from our Partners:

Representation at Regional Surgical Conferences across the World:

  • Through our strong partnerships with many International Organisations, the International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC) has representation and participation in local or individual National Colleges and Societies, as a shared educational initiative

Eligibility for:

  • ISS Fellowship (FISS)

  • International Society of Surgery Foundation (ISSF) Travel Fellowships, to enable surgeons to travel to, and participate in the International Surgical Week (ISW)

  • Matching of Training Fellowships / Short term Training Opportunities

  • Matching of Clinical attachments by Society

  • International mentoring opportunities for Surgeons in Training

  • International mentoring and Medical Student elective opportunities

Prioritized access to:

Participation in the Society Structure:

  • Hold elected and/or appointed office in the ISS/SIC

  • Vote on Society matters and nominate and vote in Society elections

  • National Chapter Activities


Who is eligible to apply?


Medical doctors*
Non-medical scientists*
Medical students**

*who have received academic training in, and who are, or have been, engaged as their main professional endeavor in a career involving a recognized field of surgery, anaesthesiology, or life science including the care of the critically ill, research or education.

**in active study at a School of Medicine, may join as members.


Annual dues


Active Member (*High Income) 180 USD

Active Member (*Upper Middle Income) 120 USD

Active Member (*Lower Middle Income) 80 USD

Active Member (*Low Income) 40 USD

Senior Member Free

Honorary Member Free

Active Member Below 40 50% reduction

Active Member Student 75% reduction

Fee for each Integrated Society **25 USD

Fee for National Chapters (AU, FR, JP, US only) 45 USD

World Journal of Surgery digital edition FREE

World Journal of Surgery print edition 60 USD


*Classification is set according to the World Bank - (find FULL country classification here)

**The payment of the first fee for an Integrated Society is an administrative fee and is non-refundable if the applicant would not be admitted.

Privacy Policy, Constitution and Internal Rules ISS/SIC


For more details about voting rights, please visit the following links:

Privacy Policy

Constitution and Internal Rules

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